Chardham Parkirama

A parikrama refers to clockwise circumambulation of a pilgrimage destination. As per the Hindu traditions, the chardham destinations (Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath) are to be circumambulated clockwise, known as chardham parikrama. Devotees and pilgrims are required to complete their pilgrimage to chardham starting from left and ending towards the right. So, if one is performing a parikrama, they have to begin their chardham yatra from Yamunotri, which is the westernmost shrine in the circuit. The pilgrimage shrine of Yamunotri is located at an altitude of 3,165 m above sea level and is dedicated to Hindu goddess Yamuna.

The next destination as per the chardham parikrama is the shrine of Gangotri, at a height of 3,042 m above sea level and dedicated to goddess Ganga. The shrine occupies a place on the right banks of river Bhagirathi. The chardham parikrama takes you further to Kedarnath, located at an elevation of 3,581 m above sea level.

The final destination of the chardham parikrama is the sacred shrine of Badrinath. Located at a height of 3,133 m above sea level on the right banks of the river Alaknanda, Badrinath is the most significant among the all four chardham destinations in Uttarakhand. The Badrinath temple in Garhwal stands in dedication to Lord Vishnu. The temple at Badrinath has been divided into Garbha Griha (the inner sanctum), Darshan Mandap (the site to perform rituals) and Sabha Mandap (where devotees and pilgrims congregate).

Helpline Number

Gangotri Yamunotri Region
  • Ambulance, police, fire - 108
  • Commissioner Garhwal Pauri - 01368-222300
  • DM Uttarkashi- 01374222280/222102
  • SP Uttarkashi- 01374-222116/222102
  • Tourist info.Center Uttarkashi- 01374274761
  • GMOU Rishikesh 0135-2430074

Badri - Kedar region

  • Ambulance, police, fire - 108
  • DM Rudraprayag - 01364-233300/233376
  • SP Rudraprayag - 01364-233210/233388
  • Badri-Kedar temple committee joshimath - 01389-222124
  • DM Chamoli - 01372252102/252101
  • SP. Chamoli- 01372252134/252133
  • Tourist information center Gopeswar- 01372253185

Yamunotri Route
Damta, Naugaon, Barkot Hospital, Brahmkhal prathmi swath Kendra, Syanchatti, Janaki Chatti, Yaminotri.

Gangotri Route
Nagun, Chinyalisaur, Dunda, Uttarkashi, Maneri, Bhatwari, Harsil, Gangotri.

Kedarnath Route
Ukhimath, Kalimath, Chopta, Guptkashi, Gaurikund, Kedarnath

Badrinath Route
Joshimath, Chamoli, Pipalkoti, Birahi, Badrinath